Tech Companies Are the Best Pranksters

Posted on  March 27, 2017
The internet has transformed April Fools’ Day from nearly irrelevant to a day to look forward to. In recent years tech companies have become notorious for using April 1st as a launchpad for fun pranks, fake products and ridiculous announcements....
International Quilt Festival

International Quilt Festival

Posted on  March 13, 2017
If you stop what you’re doing, sit still and listen for a second you might be able to hear the faint sound of needles clicking, machines humming and fabric rustling. The International Quilt Festival is on its way...

Baconfest Chicago

Posted on  March 6, 2017
Whether crispy or juicy, lean or greasy, crumbled or whole, everyone loves bacon no matter its shape or size. For generations bacon has been a salty staple in countless dishes, and this year is no exception. On Friday, March 31 through Saturday, April 1 head to the
International Orchid Show

International Orchid Show Coming to Santa Barbara

Posted on  March 3, 2017
April showers bring May flowers, right? Well this isn’t quite the case for Santa Barbara. For the past 71 years, flowers have been arriving a little earlier than usual, as early as March! This...

Planes, Trains and Flying Automobiles

Posted on  February 27, 2017
As you head home after a long day at work, stomach growling ready for dinner, the last thing you want to do is sit in traffic. As the cars inch along the highway and drivers breathe in the warm...
1st Thursday in Santa Barbara

1st Thursday in Santa Barbara

Posted on  February 20, 2017
Have you ever wanted to explore a museum or art gallery, but can never decide on which one to choose? Then you should come to Santa Barbara’s
Food Truck Bazaar

Food Truck Bazaar at the California Heritage Museum

Posted on  February 15, 2017
Do you love trying new food, but hate sitting in stuffy, overcrowded restaurants while attempting to enjoy your meal? Then you may want to explore the world of food trucks- and don’t...