The 3 Best Holiday Shopping Spots in Santa Barbara

Posted on  October 29, 2014
How’s your holiday shopping going? Good, not so good... barely started?  Maybe it’s procrastination; maybe you just can’t find the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person, unfortunately whatever the reason, the longer your holiday...
If you're in Southern California, you've got to come by and experience the new Sportsmen's Lodge ...
posted 1 week ago
In recognition of National Make A Difference Day this month, the #broughtonHOTELS team is preparing ...
posted 1 week ago
We're taking our PB&J sack lunch challenge on the road. Let me know if you want to join us on Oct ...
posted 2 weeks ago
Orange soda float Friday @broughtonhotels!
posted 3 weeks ago
Welcome to The Morgan San Simeon, how may we help you?
posted 1 month ago
Truth! I love the quotes our team member Shawna posts on her desk each week at #broughtonHOTELS & ...
posted 1 month ago
Good morning! At train station heading home after great stay at
posted 1 month ago
As the 1940 Ford's left, the Harley Davidson's arrived.
posted 1 month ago
Chicago Thanksgiving Parade

Check out Chicago’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Posted on  October 27, 2014
In 1934, Chicagoan Walter Gregory had a problem.  Like most of the country, the Windy City’s economy was in a rough spot and as President of Chicago’s State Street Council; Gregory was at least partially responsible for fixing it.   One of the...

Visit San Simeon’s Elephant Seal Rookery for a Unique Adventure!

Posted on  October 24, 2014
  In the late 1800s, California’s Northern Elephant Seal was nearly hunted to extinction. It’s sad to think of losing any species, especially one as unique and interesting as the Elephant Seal. Luckily, this amazing...

See the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra this November!

Posted on  October 22, 2014
Grammy award-winning jazz musician Chick Corea has described the playing of an orchestra as “One of the most magnificent musical sounds that has ever existed.” While he may not have been...
Napa Film Festival

Napa Valley Film Festival 2014

Posted on  October 15, 2014
  Popcorn, candy and soda are practically essential for watching movies. But what if you could enjoy a film while sipping fine wine and tasting exquisite cuisine? If that sounds too good to be true...
apple watch

Apple Watch: Revolutionary or Unnecessary?

Posted on  October 3, 2014
The humble wristwatch, a staple of fashion for nearly 100 years, seems to be on the way out with the millennial generation. But that could all change with...

Country Star Luke Bryan to Perform at the Hollywood Bowl!

Posted on  October 2, 2014

One of today’s most popular country singers is coming to southern California! See Luke Bryan at the Hollywood Bowl on October...