14th Annual Dance Camera West

Posted on  April 9, 2015
  Dance is one of the most ancient forms of communication known to man. At 9,000 years old, it even predates the written word. It's a little surprising that film, a less than 150 year old technology, is such a perfect way to capture this awesome art...
Prepping amenity care packages for #GrammasHouseOfHope shelter. THANKS to leadership team at ...
posted 4 days ago
Big #winner at the #broughtonHOTELS Casino Night held @sportsmenslodgehotel in
posted 5 days ago
A little fun, casino action, and pre-dinner jazz at
posted 5 days ago
Pretty awesome to open #LocaleMagazine and see @NormandieLA a #broughtonHOTELS property in a photo ...
posted 5 days ago
Absolutely nothing wrong with an awesome #welcome amenity! Thank you for the warm #hospitality ...
posted 5 days ago
Awesome discussion topics at #broughtonHOTELS #LeadershipSummit with some amazing teammates!
posted 5 days ago
posted 5 days ago
On a short break from #LeadershipSummit for #broughtonHOTELS in Studio City's @sportsmenslodge ...
posted 5 days ago

Need a Laugh? Check out the Chicago Improv Festival Starting April 20th

Posted on  April 2, 2015
Where did all the originality go? It seems like every movie or TV show that comes out now is a sequel, spin-off, or based on a book! Despite this onslaught of repetition, hope's not lost for originality lovers. If you want to quench...

Cambria Chili Cook-Off, Car and Bike Show

Posted on  March 27, 2015
Chili is one food that tends to bring out a competitive spirit in people. From Texas, where they claim to have originated the dish, to the unique variation from Cincinnati, regional chili rivalries exist all over the country. Why people get so defensive about their...

The 26th Annual Santa Barbara Fair and Expo

Posted on  March 25, 2015
State fairs are more than just a great place to eat unhealthy food and walk until your feet hurt, they are an American cultural phenomenon! Since the 1840s, fairs of all sizes have been an important...

Masterpieces of Italian Artists Exhibit in Santa Barbara

Posted on  March 19, 2015
  What comes to mind when you think of Scotland? The Loch Ness Monster, bagpipes, kilts, Scotch whisky? Whatever Scottish stereotype pops into your head, you probably don’t...

MLB Opening Day 2015: the Dodgers and Angels are Back in Action!

Posted on  March 17, 2015
  A clean start, a blank slate, unlimited potential, It's easy to see why baseball fans get so excited about Opening Day! But Opening Day, the official start to...

Is iCar coming in 2020?

Posted on  March 4, 2015
  "[We'll] give Tesla a run for its money." Those sound like fighting words.  No official statement has come from the tech giant, but