Circus Vargas Comes to Santa Barbara

Posted on  May 27, 2015
The modern circus can be traced all the way back to 18th century England! It's Pretty amazing that in today's world of instant entertainment an over 200-year-old format is still alive and well. Actually, in today's world of staring at screens for...
No to be TOO braggadocios, but here is bH Hall of Fame number 3 for #broughtonHOTELS with ...
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Hall of Fame NUMBER 2! #InnAtEastBeach #broughtonHOTELS #SantaBarbara Thanks team! You guys are ...
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đź‘€Smallest of details from our main entrance
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Yep! Hall of Fame member at #TripAdvisor ...
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We're expecting warm sunny days this week🌞
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Yippee! 4 Certificates of Excellence for #broughtonHOTELS properties from #TripAdvisor ! ...
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I'm so happy some of our #yoogozi #mastermind members joined the #broughtonHOTELS team with our ...
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It's the simplest of details to admire
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Los Angeles to once again Host E3

Posted on  May 19, 2015
June will be an exciting time for video games as the industry's biggest event once again sets up shop at the Los Angeles Convention Center.   E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the preeminent conference in the electronic entertainment...
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Check out this 50 year old Summer celebration in Chicago!

Posted on  May 13, 2015
  With plenty of daylight, beautiful weather, green grass and blooming flowers, June is tough to beat.  One community in Chicago likes this time of year so much they hold a festival for it each...
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Meet Microsoft’s new web Browser: “Edge”

Posted on  May 7, 2015
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was once the go-to web browser for a majority of internet users, but over the last several years alternatives like Firefox, Chrome and Safari have...

Eat, See, Hear: Outdoor film series in Santa Monica

Posted on  May 6, 2015
Movies are great... but sitting inside and missing out on beautiful southern California weather... not so much. Why not get the best of both worlds? Santa Monica's "Eat, See Hear"...
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I Madonnari 2015: An Italian Street Painting Festival

Posted on  May 4, 2015
You might be surprised to learn that the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival doesn’t actually involve any paint. Despite it's name, the event...

Paso Robles Wine Festival

Posted on  May 1, 2015
  If you love wine, there’s no better place to be than California.  In fact, the state harvested