1st Thursday in Santa Barbara

1st Thursday in Santa Barbara

Posted on  February 20, 2017
Have you ever wanted to explore a museum or art gallery, but can never decide on which one to choose? Then you should come to Santa Barbara’s 1st Thursday, on the first Thursday of any...
Food Truck Bazaar

Food Truck Bazaar at the California Heritage Museum

Posted on  February 15, 2017
Do you love trying new food, but hate sitting in stuffy, overcrowded restaurants while attempting to enjoy your meal? Then you may want to explore the world of food trucks- and don’t worry about trying to track one down in Santa...
Walker Stalker Convention

Walker Stalker Convention Coming to Chicago

Posted on  February 13, 2017
If you cringe anytime someone says “zombie” when referring to a walker or if hearing the name Glenn makes you tear up a bit, then you might be interested in going to a convention made just for people like you- the
St. Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Chicago

Posted on  February 6, 2017
As the color green begins to invade the city of Chicago, natives and visitors alike know that St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching. This year, the festivities will kick off with the annual dyeing of...
Chinese New Year in Chicago

Chinese New Year Celebration in Chicago

Posted on  February 2, 2017
Chicago is known for its many festivals and celebrations but one of its largest citywide events is the Chinese New Year celebration. With a massive parade full of colorful displays and eclectic...
Group of People Connection Digital Device Concept

The Hottest New Tech From CES

Posted on  January 30, 2017
The start of the new year brings with it several new things- resolutions, work out regimens, music and above all, new technology. This year kicked off with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where small start-ups and...
Chicago Beer Festival

Chicago Beer Festival Returning to Field Museum

Posted on  January 23, 2017
When you hear the word Chicago, several associated ideas are probably conjured within your mind like Chicago Cubs, deep dish pizza or theater. Yet, while the Windy City is famous for many things, it is also undoubtedly known for its large and...