Father’s Day Tech

Posted on  May 29, 2017

From killing spiders to maintaining the backyard’s flawless appearance, fathers deserve all of the credit in the world for their constant support and love towards their families. This Father’s Day, show your appreciation and get dad one of these high tech gifts suited for fathers of all types.


For the Grilling Gurus

As summer approaches, the smell of charcoal grills and burgers almost automatically fills the air with its tantalizing scent. Assist your dad in the grill prepping process this year with some great grilling technology! The iGrill Mini functions as a small meat thermometer with an electronic piece that connects to a smartphone. This tech allows grillers to leave their food cooking and wait for a phone alert that notifies users when the ideal meat temperature has been reached. And when your dad is done grilling, gift him the Grillbot, a small automatic robot that cleans the top of the grill at the push of a button (think Roomba for the grill).


For the Outdoor Aficionado

If your dad feels more at home in the outdoors than he does in his actual house, consider purchasing him one of these great outdoor tech gifts this year! For fathers that like to camp, JakPak might be the tech gift for them. JakPak functions as a waterproof raincoat, sleeping bag and miniature tent all in one, eliminating loads of extra baggage. Also check out Camelbak’s unique All Clear UV Purifier that uses UV light to purify water in just 60 seconds! For dads that prefer a pristine course instead of rugged terrain, purchase the Zepp Golf- a small electronic sensor that clips to a golf glove and with one swing can instantly analyze technique and suggest improvements for the golfer!


For the Beer Bellies

Nearly every father considers beer to be a staple in his daily diet. This Father’s Day, check out some of these great tech inventions that will improve your dad’s current collection! Introducing: Fizzics, a household machine that uses sound waves to turn store-bought beer into an imitation of draft beer- complete with a creamy and foamy texture. For an additional gift, compliment this beer tech with Nostalgia’s Soft Pretzel Factory, a miniature pretzel maker that creates 6 small soft pretzels at a time, a perfect match for his newly transformed glass of beer.


For the Ones with Daughters

One of the scariest moments of a parent’s life is teaching and trusting their child to drive safely, especially when it’s “daddy’s little girl.” If your father is dealing with this struggle, ease his mind a little and gift him with the GPS MOTOsafety, a wired tracker that can be installed into any car and provides parents with their child’s Daily Driver’s Report Card, speeding statistics, harsh braking record and notifications when their child has safely arrived at his or her destination.


Not only is raising a daughter scary at times, but any father that has at least one daughter knows that girls also come with a pretty hefty price tag. Whether it’s a new prom dress every year or the newest eye shadow pallet that she must have, there’s usually some type of expense to account for. This year, make your dad’s finances a little simpler with the app iXpenseIt, a phone application that tracks expenses, income, budget and cash flow. With this app, fathers can organize their finances at the convenience of their phone, making it easier than ever to see if their daughters’ demands can be met.


This Father’s Day, show your dad that you acknowledge and appreciate the work that he does by using our suggestions to find technology that will suit him best!


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