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Shark Exhibit at Ty Warner Sea Center

Posted on  January 29, 2014

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is hosting a thrilling exhibit called Sharks…. Bite size that showcases smaller sharks found in the Santa Barbara Channel. This event will be hosted at the Ty Warner Sea Center and is sure to be an exciting chance to learn more about sharks and come face-to-face with these feared predators of the sea!


One of the main highlights of this exhibit is the touch pool led by Sea Center educators that help to guide visitors as they come face to face with the harmless pool of sharks. Adults and children will have a great time not only being able to touch these sharks, but learning about their reproductive process, struggle for survival and the impact that humans have not only on sharks but the ocean and our planet.


Some of the sharks that will be showcased at this event include swell sharks, horn sharks, thornback rays and other species found in the Santa Barbara Channel. Swell sharks are nocturnal, feast on a diet of bony fishes, and are no more than 3ft. long. The horn shark can reach about 4 ft. long and feeds on sea urchins and crabs primarily.


Another great exhibit you’ll want to check out at the Ty Warner Sea Center is the Jellies and Friends exhibit on jellyfish. This exhibit allows visitors to watch these mesmerizing creatures and see the beauty of how they swim and move throughout the water. These marine animals, made primarily of water, are beautiful and relaxing to watch as they glide through the water.


The Ty Warner Sea Center aims to create a passion and curiosity for the natural world through its educational exhibits fit for all ages. The Ty Warner Sea Center allows its visitors to learn and explore marine life and the wonders of the world around us.


Surround yourself with Shark at the Ty Warner Sea Center!


Photo Source: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (




Sharks… bite size

Times: Daily from 10:00am – 5:00 pm

Admission: Varies

Location: Ty Warner Sea Center,211 Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, CA 93101




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