Tech Gifts Under $50

Posted on  November 27, 2017

Tech Gifts

Spending too much money, awkward small talk with distant relatives, long drives and lots of stress. Beginning to sound familiar yet? I’m talking about the holidays! There might be no way to get out of those long drives or awkward small talk, but take a look of these unique tech gifts, all under $50 dollars, that will be sure to relieve at least a bit of that stress this holiday season!


Stay Charged Up!

Loop World Adapter Plug – This plug fits any kind of cord or charger making it the ultimate adapter! It also has two USB ports on the side, allowing up to three devices to be connected!


Mophie Power Station Mini – This mini Mophie is the perfect on-the-go option for charging your phone or other devices! Stick it in a purse or a pocket and just connect when your device is low!


Aduro Power Hub 6 Port Charging Station – Charge all of your devices or all of your friends devices, with this small and convenient 6 port charging station!


Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad – Tired of charging with wires? If you have a new iPhone or compatible Android, simply rest your phone on top of the pad and it will charge automatically!


Home of the Future

Wemo Mini Smart Plug – Want to control your lights and other devices with your phone without spending a fortune? This device plugs into your outlets and connects to an app on your phone controlling the power to the devices plugged in!


Amazon Echo Dot – The Amazon Echo Dot is basically the Amazon Echo only a smaller and more affordable option! Use this device to play music, answer questions, and more!


For the Hard-to-Shop-For Tech Lover

Skullcandy Jib Wireless Headphones – Looking for a pair of wireless headphones that sound nice but won’t break the bank? These headphones are your answer! They start at just $35!


BioLite Powerlight Mini – This light is perfect for those of you who don’t like wasting energy! It has a battery life of up to 52 hours and is perfect as a reading light, bike light, flashlight and so much more!


Amazon Fire 7 – The new 7-inch Amazon Fire has been getting fantastic reviews by customers all over! Not only is it a perfect portable video player, but at a price of $50 it’s a perfect first tablet for a child!


Tile Mate – Tile Mate is the world’s best selling Bluetooth tracker. It easily loops onto a keychain or attaches to anything that you don’t want to lose so that you can find it quickly!


For more cool tech accessories under $50, take a look at this link!


Thanksgiving Day Meal Tech

Posted on  November 2, 2017

Cooked turkeyIs technology on the verge of eliminating the stress from holidays? Probably not, but at the very least it’s making Thanksgiving dinner a little less anxiety inducing.


The following examples of Thanksgiving meal tech can’t prevent you from feeling awkward around your in-laws during dinner, but they can help make you feel confident that what you are serving them is going to taste great!


The Meal

Check out these gadgets that will leave your guests blown away when it finally comes time to serve your meal!

Range Thermometer – Use this range thermometer to make sure your turkey is cooked exactly how you like! The thermometer connects to any Apple device of your choice so that you can know the temperature that your turkey is cooking whether you’re in the kitchen or at the store picking up last minute groceries!

Mellow – Go ahead and throw your crockpot out and purchase a Mellow! The Mellow is everything you could want in a crockpot and more! Simply pop whatever food you wish to cook in a zip-lock bag and toss it in the Mellow’s clear temperature-controlled water chamber. You can control the temperature of the chamber from anywhere on your smart phone and it even has a refrigeration option for when you want to keep your food cool!

Tovala- The Tovala is a microwave, toaster-oven, and so much more! This unique device combines your conventional heat functions with the options to steam, broil, and bake! Not to mention it is healthier for you than a conventional microwave.

Perfect Day 2.0- Want to become the perfect mixologist? This scale and app combo can make you just that! Use the app to select the liquors that you have and it will give you countless recipes for the perfect cocktails for all of your dinner guests. The scale syncs with the app to tell you how much of each ingredient you need, how long to pour, and even how long to shake or stir for!



Substitutions- Missing that one last ingredient that you need for your perfect meal? Don’t fret! The Substitutions app will tell you exactly what other ingredients you have on hand that will double as a perfect substitute for that ingredient that you forgot to buy!

Food52- Food52 is a less common app on the market simply because it focuses on holiday dishes instead of everyday dishes. This makes the app perfect for Thanksgiving Day! The app is full of 127 recipes with step by step instruction and high definition pictures to let you know exactly how the food should look and taste!

Check out the latest apps to make your Thanksgiving Meal as perfect as possible!

Pinterest- Try checking out Pinterest for the neatest ways on how to set your table on Thanksgiving Day!

Spotify- Spotify is full of the perfect Thanksgiving Day playlists to put you and your fellow cookers in the holiday spirit!


For a list of even more Thanksgiving Day tech ideas, check out this link. Happy Thanksgiving!

Spooky Halloween Tech

Posted on  September 29, 2017

Spooky Halloween Tech

The pumpkins, the candy, the ghosts and goblins, America’s spookiest holiday is right around the corner so you had better get ready. It’s the season to outdo your neighbors and scare the living daylights out of your friends and kids. Of course you are going to need the latest Halloween technology if you want to have the scariest neighborhood rep this October 31st! Check out our guide for some of the best Halloween tech this year!



Who says Christmas is the only holiday that gets festive lights? Check out these cool Halloween themed lights!

Philips Halloween Motion Projector – Want to light your house up in orange and black? Use these motion sensor projector lights to do just that!

5ft Halloween LED Hanging Spider – This 5 feet long hanging Halloween spider light is sure to give your porch a fun and festive atmosphere this year

Electric Pathway Lights – Make sure the neighbor kids know how to get to your front porch for candy & light up your pathway with these electric orange lights!

Mini LED Strobe Light – Spice up any space with this classic mini LED strobe light



Spooky Props

Get your porch and yard in the Halloween spirit with these spooky decorations!

Screaming Doormat – Give your neighbors a good scare with this motion activated screaming door mat

Zombie Garden Lamp – Not ready for the zombie apocalypse? Then get the next best thing with this zombie garden lamp!

Flashing Eyes – They’re watching you! Make sure and keep an eye (or two) on trick-or-treaters this year with this flashing eyes prop

Motion Activated Candy Bowl – Want a sure fire way to scare your local trick-or-treaters? Use this motion activated candy bowl to make them jump!



The Sounds of Halloween

Truly complete your desired Halloween experience this year with the latest speakers and noise makers.

Sound Machine – Play 16 different terrifying Halloween sound effects with this portable sound machine

LED Bulb with Built in Bluetooth Speaker – This speaker is designed to look like a working light bulb which will enable you to play creepy music and sounds without your neighbors knowing where it’s coming from

Portable Speaker with Built in Light Show – Looking to fill up a space with fun Halloween music this year? This portable speaker with a built-in light show will really make the occasion


For a list of even more fun DIY Halloween props and decorations check out this link. Happy Halloween!



Back To School Tech

Posted on  August 31, 2017

Back view portrait of a female student walking

Ah, yes, the end of August. Besides the days slowly getting shorter, the end of this month can only mean one thing- back to school! Vacations have come and gone and now young adults are dorm room shopping, high school students are prepping for Friday night football games, and even you yourself are preparing for the beginning of school. Excited freshmen or old hats, they’re going to need the latest technology to aid them in their learning and turn their dorm room into an escape from reality. Check out this handy guide for the latest tech trends!


Canon Compact Wireless Printer- This sleek wireless printer lets you copy, scan and print with ease. Perfect for printing that pesky research paper due in less than an hour!


Jackery Titan Portable Charger- Between classes, extra curricular activities, homework, and hanging out, your child’s devices are going to be running low on battery. This powerful yet tiny pack keeps your kids connected on the go!


Amazon Prime Student- Imagine a world where almost anything you could possibly want (dorm bedding, school supplies, textbooks!) is one click away and shipped for free. Enter Amazon Prime. The student version is just $49 for a membership and includes so many perks, it might make your head spin.


Satechi Type-C USB Hub- Most new laptops have lots of bells and whistles, but lack enough USB ports. This slim extension hub allows you to share files/projects on multiple flash drives, charge devices and access info or pictures on SD cards.


Kensington Combination Laptop Lock- Whether your child is in college or high school, laptops have become a necessity for education. Keep their expensive machines safe with this handy cable lock. Potential thieves don’t stand a chance!


Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones- Studying in the library or student union can get pretty noisy at times, but with these headphones on hand you or your student will be able to concentrate with ease.


HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer- A picture is worth a thousand words! Instantly print photos from your social media accounts or ones you have taken on your phone with this portable photo printer. These 2×3 prints have optional sticky backing so they can be turned into stickers for dorm rooms, scrap books or even lockers.


ZOEE Wireless Bluetooth Speaker- Make some noise in the dorm, at a party or just chilling at home- this compact speaker packs a punch and will keep the Bluetooth connectivity from 30 feet away.


Tech Backpacks- With all the gear that you or your child need for school, you also need a backpack to keep it all together without breaking your shoulders or your wallet. Check out this Amazon list of the best backpacks to see which one meets your specific needs!


Roku Premiere+- We all need a study break now and then. Whether your student still lives at home or they’ve relocated to campus, Roku allows them to stream their favorite shows whenever they want (just not before a big exam).


While the warm weather may last a few more weeks, it’s time to face the music that school is right around the corner. But with the right tech to keep you connected and happy, the year doesn’t need to be stressful. Have a great first day of class!

Summer Travel Tech

Posted on  July 31, 2017

passenger In the Malaysia airportSummer travel can be a hassle but new technology is making getting from one place to another more convenient every day. Whether you plan to go camping, international airport hopping, or road tripping this summer, there’s a gadget out there that can make your life easier!



goTenna No matter where you go, now you can stay connected to loved ones and those traveling with you even with no cell coverage or wifi available. goTenna creates its own off-line network with other goTenna users in the area and its free app includes detailed off-line maps for any region in the world. They are sold in pairs, so make sure that your group has enough to go around!


Google Pixel Phone Even die-hard iPhone junkies will be impressed with the newest piece of tech from Google. The phone comes pre-installed with the entire Google suite of apps and has unlimited (yes, unlimited!) storage for your pictures that you can take on its stunning, award-winning camera. Keep track of flight itineraries, packing lists, and more thanks to Google Assistant. Perhaps the most impressive feature that this phone has is that it can reach 7 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes!


Anker Battery Phone Case iPhone lovers rejoice. Now you can go longer without charging your phone. This slender case is lighter than most and has 120% extra battery. You’re even able to charge the case while your phone is still inside!


Luggage of the future

Bluesmart Luggage Are you smarter than your luggage? In 2017, the answer may be no! This ultra-techie piece of luggage comes packed with gadgets to make airport travel easier. A built-in battery with 2 USB charging ports, GPS tracking system to locate your luggage anywhere in the world, remote digital lock using the Bluesmart app, and a built-in scale to let you know how much room you have left. All of this sounds too good to be true, but don’t worry- it’s very real!


Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics As a traveler in 2017, you have cords and chargers for many devices on you. Don’t let them get tangled into an unmanageable heap. This slim travel case keeps cords and small electronics in their own pouches, conveniently accessible with one zip.


Patagonia Lightweight Travel Tote Pack When time and space are limited, versatility is key. This tote/backpack/shoulder bag is truly an all-in-one that is super lightweight and holds 22L (1,343 cu in).  The backpack traps are durable and built for comfort then when you take it off it is easily turned into a tote thanks to the sturdy shoulder straps on top. It also stuffs into its own pocket for easy storage.


Gadgets you didn’t know you needed, but won’t be able to live without

Tile GPS Trackers Never lose your phone, wallet, keys or luggage ever again. The Tile system keeps all of your important items connected to you via the GPS-enabled tiles and accompanying app. If your misplaced item is within 100 feet of you it will ring with a customizable tone. They can also be used in reverse to locate your phone!


Noise-Canceling Headphones Don’t let the crying babies and background noise ruin your next flight or road trip. These Bose noise-canceling headphones are also wireless and comfort oriented to make your listening experience the best it can be.


Golchi Thermos Do you wish you could enjoy a hot and cold beverage at once? Now you can! The Golchi is a two-chamber, customizable thermos that also has a compartment for snacks! The 15 unique features will guarantee that you never buy another thermos. Ever!


Loop Travel Adapter If you have an international itinerary, this cube is a life saver. Charge up to 3 devices at once in 150 countries without having to change out any plugs. Truly an all-in-one!


No matter where you go this summer, pack and travel smart to make the most of your incredible trip! Happy trails.



Camping Tech

Posted on  June 27, 2017

Man is sitting around a campfire and just relaxingAh, the great outdoors. Nothing but the open air, mountains, and roughing it in the wilderness. Camping is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live like a caveman for a weekend or more. In 2017, there are dozens of high-tech camping tools to make your foray into the wilderness safer and more comfortable.


Fine Dining in the Forest


Who says you can’t make a 5-star meal in the woods? With these nifty cooking tools, you won’t have to live on granola bars and beef jerky.


Eat N’ Tool- This handy all-in-one tool is a spoon, fork, bottle opener, three hex wrenches, and a clip for easy transport.

BioLite CampStove 2- Why just cook over an open flame when you can cook AND charge your portable electronics? Burning only the sticks and brush around you, this stove creates a smokeless fire that can cook meals while generating electricity at the same time. That’s a great two-in-one!

MalloMe Camping Cookware and Mess Kit- Is it possible to have a 10-piece cook set that is smaller than a soccer ball? Yes! Made of non-toxic anodized aluminum, this set heats up quickly and is perfect for the solo camper.

Icon Life Saver Water Bottle- While self filtering drinking straws work for the individual camper, the Life Saver water bottle was made with groups in mind. Providing up to 6,000 litres of clean water, this bottle filters chemicals, dirt, and bacteria out of potentially unsafe water.


“Off” The Grid


Disconnecting from your smartphone and modern day amenities is a large part of camping, but if you need some creature comforts, these genius products will make you feel at home.


The 30 Day Lantern- It’s all in the name- this LED lantern really does last for 30 days on the lowest setting. It is water and impact resistant and can be hooked on to tents, trees, or anywhere else you need light.

Eton Rugged rukus Speaker- Charge your phone, play your music via Bluetooth, waterproof- this one speaker does it all! Simply set the speaker in the sun to charge, and you’ll have unlimited battery life and tunes for your whole trip.

Safety Sound Grenade- Camp with confidence! Safety comes with you in the outdoors with this flash-drive size personal alarm system. Pull the pin out of the top and you can activate 30 minutes of ambulance-level siren noises, stopped only when the pin is put back in place. It can also be used to set up a tripwire!


The Comforts of Home


Solar Camp Shower- This solar heated shower uses sunlight to heat up to 10 gallons of water that can be used for bathing, washing hand and feet, or dishes.

Self-Inflating Camp Pad with Attached Pillow- Have a comfy bed set up in minutes. This self-inflating camp bed separates you from the cold ground and has an attached pillow.

8-Person Fast Pitch Cabin Tent- Bring all your friends and sleep in style with the 8-person tent. Water resistant, welded floors to keep out moisture, and easy set up make this tent from Coleman ideal for the whole family.


For a list of even more over the top, handy gadgets, check out this list! Happy camping.




Father’s Day Tech

Posted on  May 29, 2017

Father's Day Tech

From killing spiders to maintaining the backyard’s flawless appearance, fathers deserve all of the credit in the world for their constant support and love towards their families. This Father’s Day, show your appreciation and get dad one of these high tech gifts suited for fathers of all types.


For the Grilling Gurus

As summer approaches, the smell of charcoal grills and burgers almost automatically fills the air with its tantalizing scent. Assist your dad in the grill prepping process this year with some great grilling technology! The iGrill Mini functions as a small meat thermometer with an electronic piece that connects to a smartphone. This tech allows grillers to leave their food cooking and wait for a phone alert that notifies users when the ideal meat temperature has been reached. And when your dad is done grilling, gift him the Grillbot, a small automatic robot that cleans the top of the grill at the push of a button (think Roomba for the grill).


For the Outdoor Aficionado

If your dad feels more at home in the outdoors than he does in his actual house, consider purchasing him one of these great outdoor tech gifts this year! For fathers that like to camp, JakPak might be the tech gift for them. JakPak functions as a waterproof raincoat, sleeping bag and miniature tent all in one, eliminating loads of extra baggage. Also check out Camelbak’s unique All Clear UV Purifier that uses UV light to purify water in just 60 seconds! For dads that prefer a pristine course instead of rugged terrain, purchase the Zepp Golf- a small electronic sensor that clips to a golf glove and with one swing can instantly analyze technique and suggest improvements for the golfer!


For the Beer Bellies

Nearly every father considers beer to be a staple in his daily diet. This Father’s Day, check out some of these great tech inventions that will improve your dad’s current collection! Introducing: Fizzics, a household machine that uses sound waves to turn store-bought beer into an imitation of draft beer- complete with a creamy and foamy texture. For an additional gift, compliment this beer tech with Nostalgia’s Soft Pretzel Factory, a miniature pretzel maker that creates 6 small soft pretzels at a time, a perfect match for his newly transformed glass of beer.


For the Ones with Daughters

One of the scariest moments of a parent’s life is teaching and trusting their child to drive safely, especially when it’s “daddy’s little girl.” If your father is dealing with this struggle, ease his mind a little and gift him with the GPS MOTOsafety, a wired tracker that can be installed into any car and provides parents with their child’s Daily Driver’s Report Card, speeding statistics, harsh braking record and notifications when their child has safely arrived at his or her destination.


Not only is raising a daughter scary at times, but any father that has at least one daughter knows that girls also come with a pretty hefty price tag. Whether it’s a new prom dress every year or the newest eye shadow pallet that she must have, there’s usually some type of expense to account for. This year, make your dad’s finances a little simpler with the app iXpenseIt, a phone application that tracks expenses, income, budget and cash flow. With this app, fathers can organize their finances at the convenience of their phone, making it easier than ever to see if their daughters’ demands can be met.


This Father’s Day, show your dad that you acknowledge and appreciate the work that he does by using our suggestions to find technology that will suit him best!


Mother’s Day Tech

Posted on  April 24, 2017

Mother's Day Tech

Whether it’s bandaging a scraped knee, making chicken noodle soup when you’re sick or giving you a hug when you need it, moms always know how to make things better. But, being a mom is by no means simple. This Mother’s Day, gift your mom with technology designed to make her job easier.


For Mother’s Day Rookies

Coming in at one of the top five toughest times to be a mom is definitely when kids are first born. With little to no sleep and the constant worry of something going wrong, here are some tech gifts to soothe new moms. Created by Summer Infant, the pacifier thermometer can relax a baby and take its temperature at the same time without forcing mothers to put a cold, traditional thermometer elsewhere. The mamaRoo swing is a great way for new moms to take a break from holding their newborn, without the usual fuss. The swing has five settings each mimicking the familiar movements that moms make while holding their babies.


For the Betty Crocker Moms

Finding time to make dinner while having a career can be difficult for anyone, but imagine having kids to take care of on top of that! Thankfully, technology like the smart Crock-Pot partnered with WeMo has made cooking easy. Ingredients can be prepped and placed inside the Crock-Pot whenever convenient, and from that point on, the settings can be adjusted away from home with the WeMo app. Technology has also eliminated the hassle of grocery shopping with tech like Amazon Dash Buttons. These small magnetic buttons are available for nearly every product and brand you can think of and with one press, will add the designated item to your Amazon shopping cart.


For the Not-So-Green Thumbs

No matter how many times she tries, does your mom still struggle with keeping her plants or flowers alive? New gardening technology like the Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor has been designed to help the gardening-inept. The sensor within this plant monitor assesses your plant’s needs and sends alerts to the Parrot app on your phone whenever the plant needs water, fertilizer or sunlight. Other gardening apps are also available to help, like the Gardener’s Handbook, complete with 10 chapters of DIY gardening tips, landscaping ideas and other useful information.


For the Mrs. Clean Moms

In December 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that on average, women spend at least one hour every day cleaning. For busy moms, an hour of cleaning could instead be spent relaxing or playing with her kids. Technology like iRobot’s Roomba 980 can be a huge time saver when it comes to cleaning. This small automatic vacuum can be controlled from an app and is able to vacuum an entire home while avoiding furniture and taking the most efficient path. Moms can also make sure that flu season never plagues their homes with the CleanWave Sanitizing Wand. With UV-C light, this wand can kill up to 99.9% of germs and allergens without leaving harmful chemical residue behind.


While some might make it look easy, being a mom definitely comes with challenges. This Mother’s Day, treat your mom to a tech gift that shows your appreciation for everything she does, while also making her life just a little less chaotic!


Tech Companies Are the Best Pranksters

Posted on  March 27, 2017


The internet has transformed April Fools’ Day from nearly irrelevant to a day to look forward to. In recent years tech companies have become notorious for using April 1st as a launchpad for fun pranks, fake products and ridiculous announcements. Here are some of the best fake tech releases from the nation’s top companies in the last several years.


Google Self-Driving Bike

As one of the leaders in innovation, it is no surprise that Google had something up their sleeve for April Fool’s Day. Last year, Google Netherlands introduced their newest invention, the Self-Driving Bicycle , only available in the cycling city of Amsterdam. Not only was this fake product announced, but Google also made an entire promotional video featuring the bike!


Google Cardboard Plastic

Google didn’t stop at just a bike, they continued their shenanigans when launching Google Cardboard Plastic, “virtual reality goggles that didn’t get in the way of reality”. Fully immersive and lightweight, these clear glasses ultimately poked fun at VR technology and those that use it.


Duolingo Pillow Hablar

On last year’s April Fools’ Day, Duolingo took learning languages to the next level when introducing the Duolingo pillow. With a cerebral cortex cushion and linguistic reinforcement vibration, this pillow was supposedly made to enhance the language learning process of anyone who used it. To many consumers’ dismay, this product was quickly discovered to be a prank.


T-Mobile Binge Watching Headgear

Telecommunications company T-Mobile announced a new device called “Binge on Up” last year. The fake product was basically a headset that would hold the users phone in front of their face allowing easy binge-watching of TV while doing other activities. While the promotions for the fake product looked a little silly, all of us have probably had a few moments where we could have used such a product.


KAYAK Arcade

Last year KAYAK,  a travel engine that displays airfare and car rentals, transformed its homepage into an arcade game. Complete with games like “Hopper” (Frogger) and “Tetro” (Tetris), this prank definitely distracted some travelers.


While you’re mapping out your mischievous plans for this April Fool’s Day, don’t forget to check out the “new” tech that’s being released by companies like Google and Duolingo!


Planes, Trains and Flying Automobiles

Posted on  February 27, 2017


As you head home after a long day at work, stomach growling ready for dinner, the last thing you want to do is sit in traffic. As the cars inch along the highway and drivers breathe in the warm fume-polluted air, you think, “it would be great if I could just fly over all of these cars and be home in minutes”. Well, by the end of 2017 you might be able to avoid this rush hour headache, with one of the first ever flying cars.


Good Things Come in Threes  

In response to the increasing urban congestion in cities across the globe, a multinational aircraft construction company, Airbus, has proposed three ambitious projects that aim to alleviate this problem.



The first of these projects is called Vahana and is intended to be a flying version of Uber. Vahana aircraft would be self-piloted and able to transport cargo and one passenger. Passengers could simply use their smartphones to request an aircraft, similar to Uber or other transport service providers. While most of the technologies like batteries and motors are nearly ready, the toughest and least developed piece is sense-and-avoid technology- a critical component of an aircraft that must fly itself amongst birds and other aircraft.




One of the biggest obstacles that Airbus must overcome is the strict regulations put in place by cities to ensure that all drones traveling over a city are flown by a remote pilot. However, Airbus has been granted permission by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to pilot test an autonomous drone delivery service at the National University of Singapore by mid-2017. This project does not intend to compete with other delivery services like Amazon, but rather is attempting to prove that autonomous aircraft will positively impact the environment and could work efficiently on a larger scale.



Airbus’s largest and longest kept secret is definitely the CityAirbus, a project that has been developing for the last two years by innovators from both France and Germany. CityAirbus is intended to be an electrically operated “taxi” that can transport multiple passengers at one time. While the project will initially have a real pilot operating the vehicle, similar to a helicopter, Airbus hopes to eventually transition to completely automatic operations. Passengers would simply book their seats through an app and wait at the nearest helipad to be picked up and swiftly transported to their desired destinations.


Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Overcrowding in cities, specifically megacities, has been an ever rising concern for the world, with current estimates indicating that by the year 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities. This increasing population will ultimately lead to more pollution (air, water and noise), more trash and more harmful emissions. Successfully creating and using flying transportation rather than ground cars will not only reduce pollution and congestion, but will also lessen countries’ dependence on oil and allow infrastructures to last longer due to less cars driving on roads. While Airbus still has a lot of work to do before floating intersections and stop signs appear, they are taking steps in the right direction towards a more sustainable world.