Thanksgiving Day Meal Tech

Cooked turkeyIs technology on the verge of eliminating the stress from holidays? Probably not, but at the very least it’s making Thanksgiving dinner a little less anxiety inducing.


The following examples of Thanksgiving meal tech can’t prevent you from feeling awkward around your in-laws during dinner, but they can help make you feel confident that what you are serving them is going to taste great!


The Meal

Check out these gadgets that will leave your guests blown away when it finally comes time to serve your meal!

Range Thermometer – Use this range thermometer to make sure your turkey is cooked exactly how you like! The thermometer connects to any Apple device of your choice so that you can know the temperature that your turkey is cooking whether you’re in the kitchen or at the store picking up last minute groceries!

Mellow – Go ahead and throw your crockpot out and purchase a Mellow! The Mellow is everything you could want in a crockpot and more! Simply pop whatever food you wish to cook in a zip-lock bag and toss it in the Mellow’s clear temperature-controlled water chamber. You can control the temperature of the chamber from anywhere on your smart phone and it even has a refrigeration option for when you want to keep your food cool!

Tovala– The Tovala is a microwave, toaster-oven, and so much more! This unique device combines your conventional heat functions with the options to steam, broil, and bake! Not to mention it is healthier for you than a conventional microwave.

Perfect Day 2.0– Want to become the perfect mixologist? This scale and app combo can make you just that! Use the app to select the liquors that you have and it will give you countless recipes for the perfect cocktails for all of your dinner guests. The scale syncs with the app to tell you how much of each ingredient you need, how long to pour, and even how long to shake or stir for!



Substitutions– Missing that one last ingredient that you need for your perfect meal? Don’t fret! The Substitutions app will tell you exactly what other ingredients you have on hand that will double as a perfect substitute for that ingredient that you forgot to buy!

Food52– Food52 is a less common app on the market simply because it focuses on holiday dishes instead of everyday dishes. This makes the app perfect for Thanksgiving Day! The app is full of 127 recipes with step by step instruction and high definition pictures to let you know exactly how the food should look and taste!

Check out the latest apps to make your Thanksgiving Meal as perfect as possible!

Pinterest– Try checking out Pinterest for the neatest ways on how to set your table on Thanksgiving Day!

Spotify– Spotify is full of the perfect Thanksgiving Day playlists to put you and your fellow cookers in the holiday spirit!


For a list of even more Thanksgiving Day tech ideas, check out this link. Happy Thanksgiving!