What is Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone?

Posted on  February 20, 2014

The Funk Zone is a unique section of Santa Barbara that has become a must visit for anyone who plans a trip to the city. Part art community, part neighborhood and part business district, the Funk Zone has a distinct personality that can only be understood first-hand.


The Funk Zone is a waterfront section of the city located in southern Santa Barbara. The zone occupies roughly a square from State Street to Garden Street (East to West) and from Cabrillo Blvd. to Highway 101 (North to South)


Residents of the Funk Zone have a specific set of values that helps make the community what it is. One such value is arts appreciation. Fostering an atmosphere that is well suited to artists and artisans is an essential piece of the Funk Zone. Some of the ways the arts are supported include: dance and theater, pop-up boutiques, community kitchens and even an urban wine trail.


Some of the art spaces to visit include Wall-SpaceThe Arts Fund Green-House Studios and Koplin/Levin Studios, there are also plenty of other great business to check out in the Zone.


But the arts aren’t the only part of the zone that gives it a personality; the zone has a special aesthetic, which relies on its historical nature, industrial character and bicycle friendly layout.


Another core value of the zone is future sustainability, which can be seen through adaptive reuse, alternative transportation (we already mentioned it’s bike friendly!), local services and private development.


Of course an active community Like the Funk Zone wouldn’t be complete without plenty of events! In fact, having spontaneous events is listed on their website as something that makes the Zone what it is.  One ,not so spontaneous, event held in the zone is an annual Arts Festival. This year’s Arts Festival will be the 3rd annual event of it’s kind and is set to take place some time in October . If you can’t wait that long to visit the zone don’t worry. There are Art Walks every second Saturday of the week, the first one of this year will take place on March 8th from 1pm to 5pm.


If you’re looking for a unique community in Santa Barbara, Be sure to check out the Funk Zone!



Santa Barbara Funk Zone

Where: Santa Barbara between State Street and Garden street and Cabrillo Blvd and Highway 101



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