How to Plan a Short Vacation with Restrictions in California

Written by: Paisley Hansen

The pandemic put a halt to millions of Americans’ travel plans this year. The good news is that many states are lifting bans allowing tourists back into their world. If you’re looking to book a trip to California, the good news is that it’s open and ready for tourists. Get out your daily vacation planner, we’ve got all you need to know about how to plan a short vacation with the travel restrictions in California.


California’s Reopening


California reopened in June with a few rules and exceptions. The state tourism marketing organization urged residents to get out and enjoy what the state has to offer as well as welcome tourists. The state is expected to miss out on $72.1 billion from tourists this year. This is a large hit to the economy. You’re more than welcome to help this tourist spending, but you need to follow the California Responsible Travel Code. These include: Roaming responsibly, educating yourself, putting safety first, preserving the state, embracing the community, celebrating the culture, and teaching others.


Social Distancing And Mask Requirements


Almost all the places you will visit on vacation will ask that you wear a mask and practice social distancing. California expects you to travel thoughtfully and responsibly. Always be aware of the people around you. The resorts and entertainment venues in California require that you do these things in order to put safety first.


Plan Ahead


Not every place will have the same local policies and regulations. It’s important to check before you plan to visit each place. Most offices, entertainment sites and chambers of commerce have been working hard to update their websites so travelers are updated on any advisories. Each site will have information about any event cancellations, attraction closings, and transportation schedule changes.


Biggest Attractions


If you’re getting your daily vacation planner together, there are some of the bigger attractions that you can plan for with restrictions. These openings may change if coronavirus cases surge, but at this time they are open. Disneyland Resort’s Downtown Disney District is open on a limited basis. Most of the theme parks are still closed.


Universal Studios Hollywood’s CityWalk is open with these same restrictions. The What You Need To Know Travel Hub is updated to include any changes in any of the attractions of the state.




Many people love to plan for a trip to the beautiful beaches of the area. Most of these beaches are open for tourists to enjoy the sunshine. Make sure to check the local travel resources before you set out for a day on the beach to ensure it’s still open.


National Parks


Most of the national parks are open to guests. You can plan an entire day of touring the local national parks in your favorite area. Check the park websites to see if they have any special restrictions.




If you plan to camp under the California stars, you’re welcome to most of the campgrounds in the state. Again, the National Park Service urges tourists to check individual park sites.




If you’re planning a vacation, you’ll need to think about where to eat. Many restaurants are still limiting operations to delivery and takeout. Some are now hosting diners in their business. Check with your favorite eateries to determine if they are allowing diners.


The pandemic is an uncertain time for millions of people that want to go on vacation and stay safe at the same time. It’s exciting to plan your getaway, but it’s crucial to keep in mind staying safe at the same time. Get inspired and get to planning your vacation to California. The state is open and ready for you.